Welcome to Pinnacle Friesians Home of the highly acclaimed Friesian Stallion, FREDERIK THE GREAT!

About "Frederik the Great"

Audiences and Judges have described Frederik as one with Power, Elegance, Beauty, Nobility and very Showy. Frederik comes from a long line of performance friesians specializing in strong gaits and powerful trots.
His Sire is the very athletic stallion FABE 348, Reserve Champion Stallion of 2000,
Grandsire is the patriarch of friesians MELLE 311 sport, holding the highly revered title, KFPS Stallion Show World Champion. His Dam's sire is the famous LUTE 304 known for his beautiful conformation, temperament and willingness to work. 
As you can see his Pedigree is TEXTBOOK. Frederik is registered with FPS and FHANA and in good standing.

Frederik received the very top class of 1st premie at the stallion inspections. His keuring scores  30%,  35% and 40% on conformation is considered optimum on the FHANA and Dutch linear score form. Walk at 7.0 and Trot at 7.5. Frederik is 100% black homozygous and has a very low 1.17% kinship. 

Frederik earned the recognition of Dressage Grand Champion in 2007 at the famous Woodside Expo in California. In 2008 he won Supreme Stallion in hand and halter. He is trained 4th level Dressage and continuing.

Frederik is storming the media and photography world as one of the most photographic Friesian's in the world.  

Frederik's contribution to his offsprings would include height, performance potential, wonderful temperament, conformation, good gaites, smooth transitions, willingness to work not to mention tons and tons of HAIR!  He truly is a very rare and Special Storybook Stallion. 

Frederik ships only fresh cooled semen or frozen worldwide. He is available for limited crossbreeding. Please go to the Breeding Contract page to download the breeding contract and either email or fax to Pinnacle Friesians.

If you are interested in booking for shows, promotional advertising, commercial media or photo shoots. please contact Stacy Nazario at pinnaclefriesians@ cox.net 

Also be sure to check out FREDERIK'S BLOG AND STORE with lots and lots of goodies.